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We offer one-on-one consulting sessions where we will listen to your company vision. Then together we will analyze the best business practices to put those ideas into place, and set up clear plans that we will work towards. We will meet weekly to check on your progress and update you on ours. We will give valuable feedback about each step, what to expect, and suggestions on how to reach the next steps.  We won't tell you what to do.  This is your company, you have put heart and soul into the ideas, placement, and implementation of every facet.  Our job is to give you advice and help you achieve goals, and allow you to realize the future of your amazing idea!  We are very flexible! If one of our recommendations isn't working for you, we will put it on the back burner and customize the plan to your liking.  We will always communicate clear and focused steps you can take to achieve your business goals, made manageable through coaching, strategy and planning sessions, and follow through.