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Pinners Conference 2016

Gerber Business Solutions went on the road in November and enjoyed meeting so many small business owners. We were in awe at the dreams and success that we saw. Here are some highlights!

Beddys: This super fun idea is great for families with little kids. They even sell adult ones! They are comforters that fit on your bed like a gathered sheet and then zip up on the side so all someone has to do is unzip to get in, zip when in, and zip up when making the bed. The owner started the company in West Jordan and is a mom with twins. She was trying to find a solution and then found one and it's really taken off! Oh, BTW, the blankets are made from MINKY :)

The Lonestar Woodworker: ...these guys are a husband and wife team that came up from Texas! :) They were in for a shock when they showed up with RED and WHITE Jenga only to find out...this is a state divided :) The husband switched from the saturated market of candlemaking to woodmaking, started this company and did so well that his wife finished her graduate degree and she does the business side while he makes all the products....and they make pretty much EVERYTHING you could want. :) They are ROCKING the deco world (they also sell rocking chairs ;)) ! Such nice people!

Lemon Poppy: is a Small Business from Colorado. They sell kitchenware that is ADORABLE! They are going to the online catalog world now.

Ivy City Co: is a local online clothing boutique. They started selling their stuff on but ended up too busy to continue and loving selling online on their own! They were so nice!

A Miracle Unfolding: is a very unique company. This couple had a hard time getting pregnant, through time, they were able to and had quadruplets! Her huband was away doing a sales job while she was in the NICU with her newbies, when she came up with this idea for swaddle blankets (they had a hard time keeping their babies in swaddles). They began to sell really well and her husband now works from home with her on this amazing company. They make many fun videos about their experiences and are a great example! Brittany had been DYING to meet her, so she geeked out and got a pic with her! She is soo nice! I felt we'd been friends for years.

Ivory Tub: is a company from Arizona and they are so fun! They started when a friend of the family gave them a fancy "Bath Bomb" as a present. They then convinced her they could help make it a business and have been doing very well ever since! They are a mom and 2 girls and the neighbor that gave them the present in the first place. They make them in a garden gazebo type of house right now. She was telling me that the amazing aromas do tend to get pretty strong when working with them all day, but they love the different smells and are having alot of giggly fun along the way!

JuJuRoo Popcorn: "It started on a Wednesday..." she told us. She had made a new version of her neighborhood favorite caramel popcorn, but changed it so it tasted amazing AND wasn't so sticky...that ended up turning it into Gourmet popcorn. It is named after her little girl. The company started in a Kaysville home, moved to a Salt Lake City professional kitchen and is now opening in a Syracuse shop all of it's own!

Lucy Ave Boutique: You can find this cute boutique, and Lucyave.comThey offer FREE Shipping and affordable prices. They started in Salt Lake!

Kelsey Carlson Art: Kelsey is an amazing artist! She graduated from the BYU Art School. Had a baby and decided to start selling her beautiful artwork and started this amazing company in Kaysville, UT. Her husband helps with the business and her baby is soo cute!! :) They have a website and an Etsy shop

Harsen Hope: This small business woman saw a niche and filled it! She creates (or you do!) custom accent lighting in a very unique way! She works fulltime for the wholesale distributor of some of the parts and works with other companies overseas that can make any kind of lighting design you like!

Breezy Soles: This amazing woman started this company with a combination of her love for jewelry and human souls. She sells barefoot jewelry, hats, boot leggings, etc all while giving much of the proceeds to the homeless in Layton. (see Chance Charity Homeless Outreach). This woman and her family love humans and love to see them succeed!

Teeny Toes & Co: 2 Sisters. One from Az (Teeny Toes) and one from Utah (Bows), joined up at Pinners and showed us their amazingly soft and cuddly Minky baby blankets and accessories. The company started when her husband was laid off of work. She sat thinking, I have a sewing machine, I can help! They have been working very hard ever since! They were very nice and the baby was so good! :)

Prickley Peach Design: These ladies are amazing and fun! They had so many different designs to show off. We even walked out with some of our own! Based in Arizona, they are friends who like to have fun and they are AMAZING at decor!!

Avenue Be: This company started when sisters that fight about everything came together over their love of clothes and style. They can be found as well as their own site. I love this casual style and bought a peacoat that is soo soft and wanted to buy more here!

Thanks Pinners Conference! We had a blast and will come back next year to meet more amazing companies!!

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