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How (and why) to do a FB Live video: Small Business Spotlight: Lucy's Brazilian Kitchen

Updated: May 17, 2019

We are using our FB live videos from our Small Business Spotlight recently with Lucy's Brazilian Kitchen in Provo, UT. They have amazing food and focus on authentic Brazilian experience. It's a fun atmosphere!

Why make one?

  • Cost is unbeatable!! Brings a casual/behind the scenes feel to things

  • Make your point while collaborating

  • Allow other people to comment and ask questions

  • Interactive feedback!

How can I do that?

  • Scary! I was hyperventilating, put it off for two months even though I knew it was the thing that made the best business sense for me. Assistant that told me to do it, didn’t want to do it either when it was her turn.

  • People can watch it later as well.

  • Tag people, shout out when they come on while you are filming. (it’s fun, it freaks them out! We still think they can “see” us when we are watching.) Someone did that to me and I automatically fixed my hair and wanted to brush my teeth! Then remembered they were just reacting to my icon coming onto their screen and that I could see them but I wasn’t on video.

Technical part:

  • Check out lighting (this isn’t going to be great quality, but it’s down to earth. Make sure the light is not coming in directly behind you, but in front of you.

  • Connection: Make sure there is a good cell reception

  • Battery Life: Make sure your battery life is good. Video-ing sucks battery. Charge to as full as you can right before you go on.

  • Practice what you’ll say ahead of time. You can’t edit Live videos. I like to do a “dry run” with the people I’m going on with before we go LIVE. This makes us more at ease and casual during the video.

  • Set your Privacy Setting (if you want to try it out ahead of time, you can just set the privacy to “Only Me” or your mom or neighbor who never are on, and then video it and delete it when you are done.)

  • Post from your business page so that’s what gets the “hits”

  • Come up with a catchy title “Donuts at crEATe in Sandy” or “Another Day in Work Paradise” and a video of something amazing you are doing for work. Make it catchy but short. If you’re wanting to add a location or tag someone, be sure to do that before in order to impress (or after if you forget-edit button is great!)

  • Read all of this: When you are ready to start the video, press “GO LIVE”, the button will bring you to another screen where you see yourself. You are not live at that point, feel free to adjust the lighting, turn the camera around if someone else is filming for you, etc. When you’ve done that step, click the second “Go Live” blue button at the bottom of the screen. Then it will give you a 3 second countdown and you will be live!

  • After the video:

  • It won’t show up on your page until after “rendering.” This may take a few mins. Talk with people, check back every once in awhile, and make sure you stay within internet connectivity and that your phone has plenty of battery.

  • When it is done, it will say “Post Now” or “Cancel”.

  • Select “Post Now” for it to go onto your Business Page.

  • You can select "options" on the video and download the video and then upload it to your YouTube account as well. This way you can still build a blog article out of it or have your YouTube followers get ahold of the video as well.

Enjoy these little behind the scenes videos we have done? Let us treat you to something I'm much better at than being on-camera, a FREE Consultation!

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