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What is CEO Emily Gerber Thankful For?

In Small Business

Honest business owners

I’ve had many opportunities to meet and work with small business owners working hard to pursue their dreams. They truly are the bedrock of America, and I’m grateful for their passion every day.


The internet has made everything I do today possible, and I often forget to be grateful for it. So many of you don’t remember a world without it, but turning chaos into order is MUCH easier with WiFi!

I’m also a huge fan of Google Suite, and all things Google, really, as well as any other cheap to free software that allows you to do a great deal cheaply, helping to further the progression of small businesses in the marketplace. Larger companies have other options, but for our smaller small businesses, I’m grateful I can recommend great options that help spur their growth into larger companies.


“I love it when a plan comes together.” - Colonel John “Hannibal” Smith of The A-Team.

Turning Chaos into order is literally my jam. I love helping business owners who are struggling with their mission statements, company structure, marketing plans, hiring process and anything in between and simplifying their processes.

Bold and Brave New Ideas and Entrepreneurship

I eat, sleep, breathe and DREAM small business. I have dreams about so many different ways that things can be put together. I love it when I wake up with the new idea to further GBS and help our small businesses, and I’m always grateful for the chance to take initiative and step out of my comfort zone. Even if it doesn’t work out the first time, I always learn something and improve.

The Chance to Work Hard

It’s simple: things that are worth doing are worth doing well and consistently.

Amazing Business Partners

We’ve been blessed to work with amazing talent. When a client’s issue reaches beyond our capacity, we have been able to refer them to companies that we know will care about them in the same way we do, give them a high level of professional quality, and be affordable. We love sending clients to our partners because we know they’ll be taken care of.

Our Clients

It’s been amazing working at my small business. We really have lucked out with clients. Each and everyone truly cares about what they are doing and the people they serve. Beyond that, we’ve worked with many that have HEARTS of GOLD towards humans in general. We are so lucky to be able to make a difference through business in a way that truly does help and affect the bottom line-humans and their wellbeing.

My Team

Each member of GBS works many hours coming together with new ideas generated specifically for that client. Each has their different talents and abilities and each of them is here to make a difference in the world. We have been blessed to have highly talented freelancers that have seemingly “found” their way to GBS and stuck around through thick and thin because of their love for small businesses

In My Personal Life

My Family and Being a Mom

Family means everything to me. I worked before having children and been offered many opportunities in the workforce since having a family. I always find myself confused when I hear people describe themselves or others as “just a stay-at-home mom.” There are so many aspects of my life, career, and education that have been thoroughly enhanced (like body builder-style enhanced) due to the things I’ve learned in the home. Time management, people skills, working on projects as a group, overcoming hardships in the workplace, problem-solving, functioning on little sleep (that IS a skill). If you ever doubt, sit back and watch a PTA in action!

My Real Life Mentors

One time, I was talking with a mentor who said (about leaving my children in order to come downtown and attend meetings during the day when I had really little kids) “You just really need to figure out what matters most to YOU. It’s not going to work unless you sacrifice.” I guess I’m old school because I did NOT feel that leaving my kids for some meetings would help to further my career. There are so many skilled women and men who choose to stay at home. My “real-life mentors” including my right-hand woman and graphic designer and I have often talked about this. Stay-at-home moms often get the short end of the stick. I have carved out this path NOT because I couldn’t do anything else, but because I have a heart for people, including and especially my own people. Due to this choice, I have passed up many opportunities, but I have been blessed to make new ones that fit my family’s needs better. I am so grateful for the opportunities for education and career that have happened because I believed in the dream that is set out for me. Each dream for each person is different.

My Friends and Neighbors

I’d be nothing without the intelligent women, neighbors, and friends around me that support me through this business on a behind the scenes, daily basis. As I rush around from meeting to meeting (on my laptop) there are often children playing with my kids. When I do have to attend a meeting in-person, I have great neighbors that swap kids with me. I often talk with them about how hard the day was when as a CEO, I can’t always do that with clients. They are the support that keeps me going and the encouragement that I need so much. I often feel that we are all on earth to make a difference. We all have different talents and skills. When those skills and talents are put to use by themselves, not much besides disappointment will occur, but when those skills and talents are combined with the skills and talents of others, we make a great world that is vibrant, colorful, full of life, wisdom and heartfelt care for one another.

I'm also ALWAYS thankful for a review! Visit our Google Reviews page or our Facebook to let. us know what you think of Gerber Business Solutions, or read what our clients and partners are saying!

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