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Salt Lake City, Utah | Tel: 385.218.0924 | office@gerberbusinesssolutions.com


CEO/Owner, Business Consultant

Coach, Planner, Organizer


MBA: Honors DMD distinction

BS: Business Administration, Minor: Sociology

Westminster College


Business Consultant


Strategic Visionary,

Project Manager


BS: Business Administration with Honors

Westminster College


Graphic Designer

Design, Branding, Print


BA: Graphic Design

Brigham Young University




We are a small business consultancy that prides ourselves in giving the most affordable, professional, and caring consulting strategy and support to small businesses. We specialize in the areas of process streamlining, marketing, and technology. Our purpose is to provide this service through affordability, professional business services, and compassion to those we serve.


We believe that by providing the most affordable and professional business services, in a compassionate way, to small businesses more businesses will succeed and, more families will successfully provide for themselves. Small businesses within communities are be able to provide for the needs of their citizens, on a more personal level, than big businesses can.  We believe that small businesses are the bedrock of our great country. We can provide the professional assistance, education, and compassion that small business owners need at an affordable rate so they can succeed.


We Value:

  • Compassion and sincerity in our communication with our clients and offer the highest level of trust in our work.

  • Professional-quality work and show our clients through educated, efficient, intelligent work.  

  • Education within our team, as well as educating our clients, on all things they need to understand to run a successful business.

  • Affordability for our clients and strive to keep our cost low, find affordable options for them within their business, recommend money and time saving alternatives whenever possible, and do some pro-bono work along the way.



Provide professional support to small businesses through:

  • Caring: Listen effectively to timelines, budget and resource restraints and carry out plans accordingly, all in a timely manner.

  • Coaching: Communicate clear steps owners can utilize to visualize their business goals. Provided in easy to understand steps and milestones, attainable and manageable through strategy sessions, and follow through.

  • Streamlining: Catapult your business to the next level by decreasing the amount of mundane tasks through automation, streamlining, and our administrative support. Also bring a cohesive look to your company's online and physical presence.

  • Marketing: Provide design pieces that are professional, creative, and innovative. All of which will seamlessly bring your brand together and show off the best parts of your company by implementing your company's vision 

  • Technology: Increase your businesses' productivity and exposure through implementation of new software available and the best configuration and customization. We will also analyze SEO, best target markets, and ways to market your business.

  • Administrative Support: Offering low-cost temporary, but professional, administrative support until an Office Manager can be put into place.

  • Networking: Connecting small businesses with the best businesses, contacts, and information they need to be successful at each step of their process. We do this through discounts with our small business partners, hosting small business events, offering collaborations, and bringing small businesses together.


Development Assistant

Editor and Writer, Idea Guru, Admin


BS: Currently Pursuing Accounting & Political Science at the University of Utah


Content Writer/ Technology Specialist

Writer, Social Media Specialist, Tech Wizard, Coding Guru


BA: English

George Mason University