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How it all began...

I have always loved organizing, connecting people, and processes and trying to make things run more smoothly. If I could have my dream, I would visit, and work in every business or organization, see how they do things, what has worked for each of them, what hasn’t, and figure out how to move their process along more smoothly. I believe that we can each learn something from every person and situation around us. In business, there are many companies that do have different products/sales/offerings. I believe a chicken farmer could learn something from a Wall-Street business person. I also believe that the Wall-Street business person could integrate what he has learned from the farmer into his business.

I graduated from Westminster College and immediately got a job working in their New Programs Department. There the team I worked with would create, test, and run different programs that the President and Provost of the College were interested in testing. We were integrated into many programs like: Project Based Degree Completion degrees, Center for China-American Business Studies, High School and Middle School Summer Camps, many MBA functions.

Speed forward 2 years, my husband and I had a baby and I decided the best place for me was with her. I continued to be involved and wound up organizing Bountiful’s International Fest and headed up the volunteer groups; our local Neighborhood Watch program, and many more events I was involved in. I had another baby and decided to use a Midwife. She let me organize business processes for her and then sadly after my baby was 2 weeks old, the Midwife was killed in a car accident. As tragic as that was, I was the only one that had access to her emails and phone numbers, so I worked with her business partner to get her clients notified and moved over to the care of the business partner. Because of this experience, I felt a fire and a drive to help as many business owners as I can so that they can spend less time on the details and more time doing what they love.

That’s when I opened Gerber Business Solutions LLC. I have since streamlined many businesses’ processes, saving time, money and headache for all involved. I love what I do. I love to see the heart and soul of any business. That usually comes in the form of an OVERWORKED business owner, burning the candle at both ends, but continuing on because they had a dream when they started and a goal they want to see realized. Almost everyone I’ve met with tends to have the same story. “I started this business because of a dream or a passion I have for this industry. I took a chance, and I’ve had to overcome many hurdles, fight through many things that scare me and I don’t understand as much as I know I should to make my business successful. I am just soo bogged down in the details of what I don’t know, that I don’t have time to do what I started this business for!” Sadly this is the plight of many, small business owners. My team and I love to take people through easier processes, streamlining and utilizing the technology available to take a painstaking manual effort to an automated automatic calculation, and many other projects.

Call To ACTION!: Please go to my Contact page and submit the form with more info about your company. We are excited to meet you and hear all about your business!

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