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Business 101: The Color Project

Updated: May 17, 2019

When choosing a layout for a logo or business card or any aspect of branding for a new business you are starting (or re-branding an old one), there are a few things that are critical to think of first.

  1. What image you want to portray

  2. What audience/target market are you hoping to reach?

  3. What inspires others about your product/service?

There are several ways to assess the answers to these questions, including writing up a Mission Statement and doing a SWOT analysis. We will cover those at a later date. For now, just get in your mind the basic idea of what image/feeling you want to get across, and who you are going to be sending that message to.

When you know the answer to those questions (atleast in rough form), you can begin thinking about the look and feel of your company. The branding of a business is very important. Getting a graphic designer to design a logo for you is a great step, but make sure you know what you want atleast a little before you meet with them. Here are some very important pointers to consider before and after The Color Project for your business:

Consistency (the same look/colors/feel/logo) is the key in regards to:

  • All printed materials-ie: Business Cards, Marketing Fliers, letters, forms, etc.

  • Physical location (if you have one)-sign, billboard, inside of store look, physical structures, outside store sign, etc.

  • Social Media/Website-Social Media backgrounds/profile pics, posts, Website, Email Marketing, Email signature, etc.

This means that all of those items should seem like they came out of the same printer, so to speak. You'll want to have your website, social media buttons on almost every piece so as to give multiple places for anyone to be able to find you. It should be very obvious when looking at your different parts of your company that:

  • The colors, look, even font signify your company image and tie back to the other pieces,

  • The information is the same,

  • It is clear how to get ahold of you.

Doing these steps, will send signals to the brain multiple times and in multiple different places that the customer feels you are successful, organized, established, and they know how to contact you,

The next step is to consult a consult a Color Psychology of Business article. The main idea is that your company's branding sends certain messages to the brain about the type of image you are putting across. The factors involved here are:

  • Your industry

  • What message you are trying to put across

  • Who you are trying to speak to

For instance:

  • McDonald's colors are red, yellow: Red symbolizes increased appetite and quick movements. Yellow symbolizes happiness.

  • Dropbox's colors are Blue and White: Blue represents a professional feel, mostly used in office/business settings, white symbolizes the illusion of space, allowing creativity/cleanliness.

The accent color is found across the color wheel from the color that you choose is most important. Ie: It's most important that I put across a professional feel, so my main color is blue. Across from blue is pink- but I'll only use it as an accent. 90% main color, 10% accent color.

Here are a few:

However you feel after looking through those examples, go back and draw/write up the first impressions you have. Take into account your personal reasons for starting the business, and what message you want to send to those interested. These are really fun parts of starting a business! They can seem daunting but don't forget that the wonderful part about starting a small business is that you can make mistakes and changes as you go. Don't be afraid to come up with something crazy and try it out.

Feel free to pick my brain along the way. We are happy to help guide and coach you through this process. It is so fun and exciting and we love watching small businesses succeed!

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