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GerberKondo Method-Organizing Your Small Business

Updated: Jun 11, 2019

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Does your business feel like a business version of the horders on the MarieKondo Tidying Up show? Do you wish it was that easy for your business to get “tidied up” too? Well today, I’m letting you in on the Gerber-Kondo Method of Organizing your business.--LUCKY YOU!! (no sarcasm please, I’m serious folks)

Much like Marie, I find JOY walking into a mess of CHAOS in a business because I know we can turn it into ORDER. Mostly, I know how much JOY (and profit) can come from having an organized business. Many business owners having struggles will through more money into another event or marketing or a new CRM when they aren’t ready for those steps yet. Here are 6 simple steps to follow in 5 different areas of your business. Please comment on our video and let us know how we did!

6 steps to follow:

  1. Commit yourself to organizing your business-This means money and time. Both are precious resources that we don’t have enough of. Your business will go much more smoothly if you close up for half a day or schedule organizing during off hours and then follow your scheduled goal with exactness. Also, be realistic about how much some of these changes might cost. Set aside an amount that is reserved for making the business more efficient. This will help alleviate stress in the long run.

  2. Imagine your ideal business-What does it look like? How does it run? What areas are strengthened, changed, or increased? Imagine your ideal business: organized, running efficiently, money rolling and customers engaging with your business from your lead posts.

  3. Thank and discard parts of your business-What areas of your business don’t bring you joy? What are those projects you keep changing the deadlines on because you think you need to finish them but they don’t bring you joy? Before getting rid of items, realize how much you’ve learned and grown from having those ideas. Sincerely thank each project for serving its purpose.

  4. Organize by category, not location-Many times business owners, will try to organize by project. What they really need to do is organize by category. For example, many business owners get motivated to organize their business and start by going through their task list and trying to get things done. More often they’ll go to a business conference or watch some webinars and come back with more new methods of business success. If you simply focus on the wellbeing of 5 main areas, you’ll be able to add new ideas incrementally and business success will be your friend.

  5. Organize in the right order-It’s not only important to focus on the 5 categories (see below), but it’s essential to focus on them in the right order and not get distracted. Working on the social media before the website, for example, couldl point customers to a confusing website with unclear product descriptions. Distractions in the form of cost, new ideas, unexpected technological difficulties can take you off the goal of an organized business. It’s important to get the 5 categories in place before moving forward in business.

  6. What sparks business joy?--Think back to why you started this business. Reevaluate your vision and mission. If the parts of your company don’t align with this question (fitting in with your Mission/Vision/Values/Goals of the company), consider getting rid of them. To get rid of them, you can 1) take what works well and use the rest, or 2) get rid of it altogether.

The 5 categories that a business owner should focus on (and in the order that they should be organized in) are as follows:

5 categories:

  1. Mission Statement-this includes your mission, vision, values, and the goals of your company. Take out all marketing and put it in one place. Only keep the ones that best describe your company and bring you joy.

  2. Website-Look over your website. See if it matches the branding and messaging of category #1. Whatever is not clearly aligned with the Mission Statement, purge.

  3. Contacts-Look through the contact list. Reevaluate which segmentations the contacts are in, if the prospective customers/clients haven’t responded for awhile, purge.

  4. Social Media-Make sure your messaging, images, and calls to action lead to a clear funnel. Make sure that it your messaging clearly describes what your company does and why, that it’s pointed to the right target market that will bring the most success, and that the wheels behind those links are ready to turn.

  5. Emails-Similar to category #4, make sure your templates include the correct messaging matching your Mission Statement, images match branding, website and social links are accurate, calls to action are appropriate for the simplified funnel you’ve created.

Business owners start a business with a dream and a vision. They work hard and down the line, many end up feeling frustrated. This does NOT mean that the idea was wrong. This just means that they are so bogged down and need a simplified organized business before moving forward on new ideas.

When you follow this method, you will have a business that will bring you joy. If you need a guide to wade through this, it would bring us so much JOY to have a consultation with you and your amazing business.

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