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Ask GBS: What Are We Grateful For?

Our team has grown so much this year. We've been so fortunate to have a year of hard work, big opportunities and many new clients.

We asked each of our team members what they're grateful for. We hope that sharing our gratitude with others can inspire more joy! Let us know what you're thankful for in the comments –– especially if you agree with us. :)

Emily | CEO/Owner, Business Consultant |Coach, Planner, Organizer

  • An incredibly skilled team that loves helping big and small companies

  • My business partner Rachel and our fun and balanced approach to business

  • Vacations with my husband and family

  • Kindness wherever it is found

  • My MBA, and my amazing colleagues at Westminster

Rachel | Chief Research & Marketing Officer, Partner | Problem-solver, Strategic Visionary

  • My family - immediate and extended

  • Emily and this entire team that works with integrity and dedication

  • Friendships I have had for over 20 years

  • Travel time with my loved ones

  • Basketball, my favorite sport!

Lavinia | Graphic Designer | Brand Identity, Website Design, Print

  • Being able to work from home

  • Spending time with my kids

  • Having my parents so close

  • Friends who make me laugh so hard I cry

  • Music Music Music

Jacqueline | Development Assistant | Editor and Writer, Idea Guru, Admin

  • The ability to get an education

  • Family time

  • Beautiful neighborhoods to run in

  • Book clubs!

  • The Voice on NBC :)

Kaiti | Office Manager | Detail Oriented, Motivated, and Dependable

  • Medical professionals

  • Immediate and extended family

  • My career choice and opportunities I have had to help others because of my education

  • Vacations

  • Books and movies

Aaron | Tech Solutions Manager | Supply Chain & Operations Excellence

  • My wife and all my family.

  • Access to education and learning opportunities.

  • Amazing colleagues, friends, co-workers and mentors that push me to be better.

  • God and holy scripture.

  • The Office (TV Series)

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