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Introducing our Chief Marketing and Research Officer, Rachel Johnson!

2021 is bringing plenty of joy and opportunity our way!

Our most recent piece of good news? Rachel Johnson, the head of Johnson Marketing Company, has joined forces with us over at Gerber Business Solutions as Chief Marketing and Research Officer.

After years of marketing research experience at Instructure and Overstock, Johnson decided to jump into the world of small business by opening one of her own. What better way to get immersed in the culture than to live it?

“Small businesses work very hard to achieve success,” she said. “They have to dedicate so much to the journey. I was so excited to work in and with the small business sector. Small business owners have such unique passions, and I love engaging with them to achieve their goals.”

For Johnson, it’s all about the two “E’s”: expertise and enthusiasm.

“In life and business, we often have self-doubt that stops us from even taking the first step toward something,” she said. “We can’t know what our potential truly is if we don’t take the chance to apply ourselves, in spite of self-doubt we might have. With small business, there are a lot of first shots. If we push past self-doubt, we’re much more likely to find success, and guaranteed the opportunity to learn.”

While running her marketing research firm, Johnson continued to work with large clients, but began to fall in love with the small business world. Still, she found still she wanted to expand her reach and impact on her community –– something we prioritize at GBS.

With her skills in analytics, marketing and data, Johnson has already made impressions on all of us and our clients, and we’re excited to see how far we can go together.

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