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Make the Most out of Small Business Saturday

This article is an overview of Emily Gerber’s talk given at the Accelerate 2019 Conference. For the full video, including more anecdotes from Emily, click above!

The holiday season is picking up, and as the leaves continue to fall and we welcome our first few snows of this winter, it can be easy to lose track of it all. In between Thanksgiving and Christmas is my favorite holiday: Small Business Saturday!

Small Business Saturday, the Saturday after Black Friday, is often overshadowed by the sales of large-box stores, flashy promotions and the upcoming Cyber Monday. However, small businesses have genuine and definite advantages over these companies that they often fail to utilize. Below is a list of strategies and methods that you should apply as a small business owner or employee to boost your growth and have a successful Small Business Saturday this year!

Be Genuine

Think: What’s unique about your small business? Why are you better to go to than a larger retailer or wholesale store? What can you offer? Is it personality? Charm? Connection? Specialized products?

If you have a consistent customer base, recognize them! Put together personal emails, or even small thank you cards, with their purchases, and let them know that you know them. Understand your small business model, your mission, and act on it.

Strategize and Be Prepared


I’ve seen many small businesses dismiss their online presence. However, they quickly learn that it’s as important (if not more!) than your brick-and-mortar locations. This is how people that don’t live around your stores, who don’t know you well yet, or who don’t realize that they need or want your products or services can find you.


Do you offer gift cards or receipts for your customers? If not, feel free to open a new tab and get started on it. Allowing customers to give your products or services to their friends and family is an awesome way to attract more customers, and maintain your current ones. Small Business Saturday falls right when people are shopping the most, and helping them get something meaningful for those they love.


Do you have SWOT analysis, value chains and other planning mechanisms mapped out for your small business? They’re really not as daunting as you think, and can boost your marketing and sales, clean out your contact lists, and improve your customer service. Contact me and I get help you get on track with your small business planning!

Have Deliberate Marketing

Get more involved in your community! Attend or sponsor events, pass out cards, gift bags or just make yourself present. Show that you care!

You can also partner with a company or foundation in your community that supports Small Business Saturday. For example, we work with American Express, who gives us FREE Small Business Saturday paraphernalia to hang up or use on our website.

Want more information? Watch Emily’s talk given at the Accelerate 2019 Conference or click here to get a FREE PDF of easy tips and tricks!

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