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Pinner's Conference 2019

Updated: Dec 3, 2019

The annual Pinner's Conference is one of our favorite events of the year. It offers over 100 classes taught by amazing, experienced presenters, coupled with a showing of over 400 businesses' crafts, cooking, photography and other products and services.

We had such a great time. Each year we like to take a break from business, get to know new entrepreneurs, and surprise them with a video or picture and support them on our platforms. Here are just a few of the amazing entrepreneurs we met!

In a Pikle

We love moms! In a Pikle is a stellar example of two mom friends coming together to do something awesome. Do you struggle to keep your purse clean? Even expert organizers like Heidi and I need some help keeping things in order. Luckily, the ladies of In a Pikle have us covered! "Pikles" are compact organizers that help keep everything in place, from first aid items to credit cards to Tide sticks. There are so many stylish and trendy essentials organized in a pint size for any pickle you might find yourself in.

Mount Milly Goods

This trendsetter was looking for a cute hat for her toddler, but couldn't find any that were cute, of good quality, and effective. Now, the Wade family designs wide brim hats and caps together. Their products are perfect for outdoor adventures to help your children stay protected and have fun in nature. Learn more about Mount Milly Goods on their website.


We love this business owner. Shannon Shepherd is a doula and placenta encapsulation specialist, and she's passionate about effective postpartum care. She opened her store selling the only approved placenta encapsulation in Utah, and hosts like-minded midwives, yoga, and other business owners in her location.

Plum Paper

These ladies make an amazing team. At Plum Paper, you can get a completely customized planner, notecard, notebook, stationary and more. They really help make organizing your life so much more fun and beautiful!

Lemon Drop Love

I couldn't have left the conference without one of these hats! Lemon Drop Love has the solution to help make running at night safer. Her hats come with a rechargeable light that charges from USB. On top of that, they look cool and are so warm. LOVE!

San Diablo Churros

Seeing San Diablo Churros is always a treat. These artisan churros come with a variety of fillings, from the traditional dulce de leche, nutella and sweet cream to savory flavors like goat cheese or seasonal stuffing, like caramel apple or gingerbread. Just typing this makes me want to go back!

We even got a glimpse of Scott later on. Check out his Taco podcasts here: @searchfortheperfecttaco

Volker's Bakery

The amazing food continued with Volker's Bakery. I bought a blueberry danish with Bavarian cream on top, and I'm still thinking about it to this day.

The Fare Exchange

These quilts are made from the top fabric put together by people in India, and don't make you compromise between buying something beautiful or comfortable. Buying one of these quilts doesn't just mean that you're going to be stylish and warm though... you also support women across the world who are providing for their families, venturing into small business or working on sharing their art.

Silk and Sunshine

This small business owner moved from Canada to Utah, and found her home here! She took up painting recently, and thought about trying to sell her products on a whim. Turns out, people love her art! We were so amazed by her intelligence and kindness.

Wishgarden Herbs

Wishgarden offers tinctures (concentrated herbal extracts) to solve every health problem you have in a natural way. I tried the stress reliever (why would I need that?) and Heidi tried the genius juice. Both were high-quality herbs that made us feel better right away.

Want to learn more? Visit our YouTube page!

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