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RubySnap: 2019 Winner of the Women in Business BISBY

RubySnap's founder, Tami Steggell, is passionate about making the best cookies around. This Utah-local shop's cookies are totally worth the calories, made with all-natural ingredients and each named for a ‘40s-era pinup girl. There are staples, like the Mia, a vanilla bean sugar cookie, and the Penelope, a peanut-butter truffle cookie dipped in chocolate. On top of these classics, every month, RubySnap features a new, special cookie that’s only available in the shops. For July, the cookie is the Patsy Jane, a fresh blackberry cookie with blackberry purée glaze and vanilla bean mascarpone. Even just typing that makes us want to swing by the shop right now!

Steggell’s been in business since the late 2000s, with her first shop opening in Salt Lake City’s Granary District. Now, frozen cookie dough is available in Smith’s, Harmon’s and Lee’s throughout Utah, and, most recently, in the Las Vegas Smith’s in Skye Canyon. RubySnap is also opening new “Quick Fix” shops all the time, miniature versions of the headquarters in Salt Lake. Right now, Las Vegas and Lehi have the only open Quick Fix shops, but RubySnap is quickly expanding into Park City and Daybreak.

Want to learn more about RubySnap? Visit them at

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