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Small Biz Spotlight: People Helping People

Founded in 1993, People Helping People (PHP) is an employment program with an admirable goal: reduce the number of children living in poverty through assisting women, especially low-income, and single moms, obtain long-term, successful employment. In fact, 61 percent of their clients are single mothers, and 100 percent are considered low-income by HUD guidelines, while 82 percent are considered “extremely low-income.”

PHP offers a structured program, with a focus on financial health, that the typical client will go through. First, PHP gets to know their clients and understand their barriers to employment, from reliable childcare to transportation to marketable skills. Then, they help to identify their clients’ transferable skills: what skills do they already have from day-to-day living that can be applied in the working world? From working with children and successful stress management, their clients often already have skills that they don’t realize are incredibly valuable. PHP then helps to map out a plan of self-sufficiency, understanding their monthly costs and expenses in order to find employment that can cover all of these needs. Ultimately, women leave PHP with knowledge, tools, skills and confidence to enter the workforce.

PHP depends on volunteers from the community. These volunteers teach professional skills, help clients to build their networks and create support systems. After watching the interview, commit to volunteering with Emily and helping PHP to continue to achieve their mission of strengthening families through successful employment on their Facebook page:

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