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Small Biz Spotlight: The Purple Store

Watch as Emily and Adam (owner of The Purple Store, Seattle, WA) discuss the success and trials of The Purple Store.

If you don't already know what The Purple Store is/does, click here to find out!: The Purple Store.

My experience meeting Adam, (the owner of The Purple Store, Seattle, WA) was incredible. Eventhough he was closed the day I'd be in town, he agreed to open the store and meet with me. There were several people who walked by and said, "Oh The Purple Store! I've heard so much about this place! Look at what they have inside!" Adam is a very organized but caring individual. He is very artsy, environmentally aware, and planned out in each step of the business. As any entrepreneur, he is thinking 2 or three businesses in the future at the same time as he is growing this successful shop. It was a pleasure to meet him and hear his different small business experiences that have brought The Purple Store to the place on Stewart Street they are currently located.

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