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Spring Cleaning: A glimpse into GBS’s approach

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

Ever heard of the "runner's high?"

Even though many of us at GBS love to run, the first lap or mile is always the worst! You're tired, finding your pace and trying to keep your breathing steady. But a few minutes in, you've got your rhythm nailed down and it starts to feel effortless.

Spring cleaning for you small business is the same way. It’s overwhelming to try and confront all of the small (or big) messes: how can you straighten up your client list, organize your business processes, streamline your payroll and hiring, boost your social media and marketing reach and more?

How can you follow your vision if you are in the middle of chaos yourself? If you want to make a difference with your product or service, strive to make a clean and clear way to get there. This requires strategy, goal setting, follow through. It also requires a team of people who believe in the cause and know what they need to do to help the business succeed. So, how can you create (or continue) a successful, organized and prepared business? That’s where we come in.


At GBS, we meet with business owners to listen to their struggles and learn about their small business. Then, we work with the owners to develop an individualized strategy that, in some cases, we carry out for them, or instruct their team on how to execute it effectively.

In all cases, we begin with the end in mind. In this stage, and throughout the process, we help the business owner to realize how far they’ve come, coach them on how to best get started, and remind them of the finish line and the reward they’ll receive when they work hard.


After our initial meeting, GBS gets to work setting up an interactive project board and assigning out dates and tasks to your team and ours. You’ll receive a PDF of the overall time, resources and steps necessary for the organizational plan.

Different members of GBS, from our CEO to the design team and marketing lead, will reach out to members of your team and begin putting these pieces in place. When the plan has been carried out, GBS will train your team on how the plan should be implemented and we will step out of the process. We are always available down the line if you need some adjusting to the plan as well.

Skilled Team

We set a monthly meeting with both our teams. During this monthly meeting, the owner of GBS will meet with the business owner, take an overall look at how the pieces are running, discuss any roadblocks and how they can be overcome. GBS has a wide variety of skills and partners. At some of these meetings, you’ll have access to the owner, the tech guru, the designer, and the social media specialist to give their input and help come up with the best solution to your business’ woes, and celebrate your wins!

We know how hard it can be, because we are continually restructuring and organizing our business as well as many small businesses across the U.S.

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