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Taking Your Private Practice from Chaos into Order: The Propreneur Podcast

The line to success isn’t straight: it’s a huge zigzag that often comes with a lot of chaos.

I had the opportunity to guest on Dino Watts’ podcast, The Propreneur, a few weeks ago. Every Tuesday and Thursday, Dino features different small business owners, practitioners and entrepreneurs. I had the honor of talking with him about motherhood, work-life-balance, and turning chaos into order.

Meeting Dino and being on his podcast was an amazing experience. He is very down to earth, kind and knowledgeable. We discussed the struggles of entrepreneurship that every entrepreneur faces, from therapists to other small business owners. This reminded me of my dad and his private practice, and where I worked with him when I was young.

Listen to my episode, “Take Your Private Practice from Chaos Into Order with Emily Gerber” on Spotify or on Dino’s website.

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