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Top 4 Small Business Organizational Tools

Updated: Jun 24, 2021

Small businesses are usually strapped for money and time -- the two things that you really need the most! When you’re under pressure, it’s hard to keep all of your ducks in a row. It’s easy to lose track of a task, bill or invoice or possible client when so much is going on at once. And, in the small business world, things are ALWAYS happening!

At Gerber Business Solutions, we work to help turn your chaos into order; we’re experts in transforming a confusing, stressful small business situation into one with structure, plans and achievable goals. How do we do it?

If you want the full breadth of our skills, you’ll have to sign up for a free consultation. But, we do have a few digital tools we recommend to our clients (and use within our small business!) to get organized that we’re willing to share. :)

1. Canva

Want all of your graphics and photos in one organized and labeled place? Looking for a way to easily design, resize and format images for all of your social media accounts, websites, emails and more? Look no further than Canva.

This graphic design creator is simple to use, whether or not you’re a design expert, and is accessible on your phone, iPad or computer. Enhance the work and designs you’ve already done, or start from scratch, and get professional looking work with a free account or from Canva Pro, a fairly priced premium membership. Learn more on their website.

2. Slack

Regardless of the size of your staff, it can still be hard to keep track of all of your tasks and assignments. Slack lets you organize your projects, teams, groups, office and site locations and more into easy to navigate “channels,” where members of your workspace can join and work together, online, with no hassle. Slack allows for integration with Asana, Google Drive and more to keep everything connected, and you can work via a desktop app or on your phone, for free. Learn more about starting your own workspace here.

3. Hootsuite

Managing your social media can be difficult, especially when you’re on more than one platform. Hootsuite simplifies the process with intuitive scheduling options, allowing you to plan up to 30 posts at a time on multiple sites, for free. We use Hootsuite to implement our monthly social media plans, and help clients become media masters through its easy-to-use scheduling process. On Hootsuite, you can search for your previously scheduled social media posts, and view all of your upcoming ones in one or two clicks. Try using Canva and Hootsuite together to make your social media posts pop, and post on a time that is perfect for your audience.

4. Asana

Wish you could switch between your different teams, projects, big picture plans and assign tasks? Guess what? You totally can with Asana.

We rely on Asana and its Google Drive, Canva and Slack integration to stay on track, see what each other are working on, and keep the big picture in mind.

Want more tips and tricks, or help implementing Canva, Slack or Hootsuite for your business or customer market? Schedule a FREE consultation with us!

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