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Top Services for 2022!

We love small and medium sized businesses! Many of them are scattered all across the United States, from Tacoma to Texas. The work we've done for these amazing companies has been pretty wide ranging. In 2021, the work we got asked to do the most was:

  • Logo/Brand Redesign

  • Website Redesign/ Optimization

  • Social Media Management

  • Mission Statement Analysis

  • Technology Solutions

  • Competitive Analysis Report for Board Members

These businesses have been driven by enthusiastic owners who are, in often cases, living out their dreams as business owners. For 2022, we have some new packages we have developed based on what these clients have wanted. We are a Consulting firm that is focused on Strong Communication, Strategy, Design and Organization to help companies succeed.

Here are some Strategy-based approaches we use to help companies see the way forward and give them a map for success:

  • Value Chain/Internal Company Analysis: The purpose of a Value Chain Analysis is to take a look at key areas of the inner workings of the company, how it operates, how technology supports processes, etc. Recommendations showcase changes that can be made to win Competitive Advantage over other companies trying to do the same thing.

  • Mission Statement Analysis: Companies should bi-annually re-evaluate whether they are following their mission statement or not. If they are not, why? Or do adjustments need to be made to the mission statement. If we can help you with that, please schedule a mission statement analysis session.

  • Demographic/Audience Analysis: Knowing who your audience is and how they respond is critical to effective marketing. If you would like to take a deeper dive into your audience, we can do a demographic evaluation.

  • SLEPT/External Forces Analysis: The purpose of a SLEPT analysis is to help identify and take advantage of industry threats and opportunities. To find out more, schedule a SLEPT analysis session.

  • Competitive Analysis: Knowing who your competitors are and how they respond to strengths and weaknesses within your market will give you a distinct advantage. Take a deeper dive into your competition, with our competitive analysis.

  • Annual Review Report: Feeling good about your effort over a year or a quarter isn't enough. The Executive Summary or Annual Review takes a look at how your company has improved and struggled through a given period of time, and how your target audience has responded. It finishes up by delving into upcoming market trends, and gives recommendations for moving forward. This is a huge win for presenting to Board members or to use to get funding. This can be prepared annually, bi-annually or quarterly as needed.

  • SEO/Website Traffic Analysis: By closely examining webtraffic, you can gain a better understanding of how the website is performing, along with areas for improvement. For further evaluation, schedule a SEO Analytics session.

It's very easy to lose sight of what's most important when you are paying by the hour and the consulting firm doesn't understand your needs. We have been in business for 10 years and worked with clients from all different industries and budgets. These are what companies have been asking for:

  • Strategy/Coaching ($250/quarter): Overall Business Strategy, utilization of our tools, goal setting, follow up

  • SEO/Social Optimization & Reporting ($250/quarterly): Quarterly reports on how social, emails, and website are doing and recommendations on improvements.

  • Social Media Management ($500): 1 marketing meeting, 3 posts per week (including images), 1 Email Newsletter, 1 blog article

  • Technology Solutions Management ($600/mo): Manage website, SEO, or software 10 hrs

  • Design Package ($500) : Logo Rebrand/Design with 2-3 different rounds

  • Website Rebrand ($800): on templated website (Wix) 15 hrs

When we meet with our clients, we want you to know you're in charge, and we will support you in any way that we can. We'll give strategic direction based on our experience but you have the final say which direction things go, including whether you choose to use us for those projects or not. We are here to help you make a plan to move forward and support you if you would like it, or train your staff on how to get things done if you don't have time.

Click here to set up a FREE CONSULTATION or here to see our Portfolio of work and to turn your chaos into order today!

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