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Why We Support Small

Since I was a little girl, I’ve loved two things: people and organizing. I planned birthday parties for my parents, and headed search parties for my brother when he would run away. I played “secretary” in my room, helped my dad run his counseling practice and my mom run the various side businesses that financed her schooling. When I worked at Westminster College as the New Programs Coordinator, I enjoyed working with many different people/departments to coordinate the details of making their dreams for their programs happen.

In all these situations, I took what others saw as chaos, and piece by piece, turned it into order.

People’s hearts fuel their dreams. Those dreams change the world. Organization, strategy and an adaptable plan help those dreams come true.

GBS’s vision is “We turn chaos into order. Through our professional business services, small business owners can achieve their dreams on their terms.” We love working with small business owners in every industry. They all have the heart and passion for what they are doing and sometimes just need some extra support along the way. They don’t need a business cookie cutter or a five-step plan for overnight success, but a way that allows our experience to put their dreams into action/reality.

We know what it takes to leave the corporate world behind and start business on your own. We love hearing the stories about how and why that dream got started. This is what fuels success — yours and ours. We know each person has different skills and talents and that they are meant to bless the world with in a way that only they can. Our job is simply to help them accomplish that! The world is much better off when vision, heart, and skill are combined.

Each member of the GBS family was found in a different way. Each of our team members has a huge amount of experience and chooses to utilize their skills to help small businesses. We love the side of small businesses owners that drives them to take chances, work hard, involve their family, strive for work life balance, and give back to the community.

We empower women to utilize business skills, support higher education and local food banks, organize church activities and community events. We care about more than just business. We're looking to support you AND your work.

Our eclectic team came together through a true desire to serve.

Rachel and I met through a Westminster School of Business Alumni event at the Utah Food Bank. She was running her own marketing research firm, working with corporate clients such as Instructure and Overstock. We found overlap in our love of small business: these owners are so passionate about what they do and their main driver is to make a difference in the world.

Our graphics lead, Lavinia, had years of experience designing for a professional ad agency. When her life situation changed, she wanted to be home with the kids. Working with small businesses was her favorite because they were so grateful and flexible. Her daughter, Jacqueline, joined the team a few years later while pursuing her undergraduate degrees at the University of Utah. She had experience with the Lassonde Entrepreneurship Institute on campus and loved to talk with startups about their process.

Jake worked with many large companies like and wanted to do so many things that it didn’t fit in just one department. He loves helping fuel small businesses with the technology/innovations that can really make a difference in their world, and found that he could also make time for his love of traveling and exploring, too. He’s all about finding simple and creative solutions that can make a big impact.

Let us get to know your small business with a FREE consultation.

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