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Coaching on any business topic: goal setting, strategy, planning, implementation, training, events

Streamline current processes, implement new ones, set up policies along the way

Design, Posting Schedules, Social Media, Events, Fliers, Branding, Website

Recommendations, Implementation, Configuration, Customization



We are a small business consultancy that prides ourselves in giving the best consulting advice and support to individuals and small businesses. We specialize in the areas of process streamlining, marketing, and technology. Our purpose is to provide this service through affordability, professional business services, and compassion to those we serve.


Erin Guinup,


Refugee Choir

Emily is efficient in addressing problems and finding solutions. She has helped me to quickly confront tasks I would rather avoid and made these tasks so much easier than I expected. I have found her support to be well worth the money and a critical piece in moving forward.

Kathleen Sitzman,

Caring Science, Mindful Practice

Everything is going GREAT with the website. I get a lot of compliments on it. I am so glad I asked Emily to help me re-design it.

Marty McKay,

McKay Realty Group

Emily Gerber of Gerber Business Solutions has been a life saver and a business saver. Think admin manager - detail organizer - process planner - business promoter - free resource finder - business coach - and personal success motivator, all in one!

I'm happy to provide more detail about the many ways her business has helped mine!

Debi Williams, 

Colors That Last

Emily and I have been friends for sometime before I asked for her services. I have started a small business as a distributor, and I needed some help with branding and target marketing.

1 week after I started implementing her suggestions, I had many more followers and people interested than before I asked for her guidance. Well worth the time, effort and money put into it all!!!