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Behind the Scenes: Working with Kristy Cefalo Photography

By Kristy Cefalo, Owner of Kristy Cefalo Photography

As a photographer that has only started working in commercial photography in the past couple of years, I had a big learning curve.

For the past 12 years, I have worked as a professional wedding and family photographer. I turned to commercial photography to try to increase revenue and change my work hours from weekends and evenings to weekdays. 

In the beginning, I planned on taking headshots, and I really couldn't think beyond that. I have come to realize, though, that working with companies to create a brand by way of imagery is not only amazing creative work, but it's also something that can propel a brand into a higher realm of business. 

As a small business owner, taking on a cost is something that can be terrifying. I have learned through years of trial and error that investing in my business helps business. I know the first time I spent $6,000 on camera equipment, I thought I had to book a certain number of clients to help pay myself back. Purchasing that camera was scary, and felt like a risk, but it allowed me to produce sharper and cleaner images, and people took notice. I had upped my game and within 3 months, completely paid myself back and booked several more weddings.

As an avid social media and marketing enthusiast, I think of the businesses and brands I love the most. Look at their websites, social media pages and emails. Most of the time, their images and photography will create a style or look that conveys their core values and brand: light hearted and bright imagery for a children's clothing brand; beautiful homes and clean, cool images of business people in both work environments and client interactions for a real estate group; soft and tasty photos of your favorite cookie shop with smiling faces all around. These business have great marketing plans and content. Images are what help people to stop and take a look.

Last month, I was able to work with Emily on a photoshoot. She was redesigning her website and wanted it to be more reflective of her business. Rather than buying and using stock images that meant nothing to her, she used this as an opportunity to invest in her business, her brand, and give a more genuine approach. On that day, we created images that she could use for multiple purposes: her website, email marketing, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and tradeshows. One photo shoot gave her material she can use in social media marketing for months. Planning and creating images that work for her brand and company.

Want to invest in your company? Book an appointment with Kristy Cefalo Photography. See more of the work I've done for GBS, and their other partners and clients here. Want to get a strategic look at what these images can do for your marketing plan? Grab a FREE Consultation with GBS here:

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