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Need Gift Ideas? Get the Perfect Present AND Support Small Businesses!

I can’t believe it’s December already! I hope you’ve already made some progress on your shopping lists for all of those holiday parties, gift exchanges and more. But, if not, (and even if you have!) we know a lot of great gifts you can easily snag for your loved ones.

These presents aren’t only unique, fun and special, but support small businesses around the United States and the world.

Give the Gift of…


For many reasons, the holiday season can be a stressful one. With meals to prepare, friends and family to see, cold and flu season in full swing, deadlines approaching and looking into the new year, there’s so much on our plates. Any and everyone needs help in managing stress, increasing their motivation and learning to love themselves better. Anyone pop into your mind just now (including you?)

Look no further than Flourish Wellness Consulting: from Wellness Power Classes to Mindfulness for Teens, they offer a multitude of options for kids to adults to breathe, relax, and connect. Visit their website to make reservations or for more information.

Improved Health

Gifts with health benefits last a lot longer than Christmas Day. Help your loved ones (and yourself!) get moving, feel better and understand their mind and body.

Theranaturals’s mission is to offer a selection of unique and clinically superior products, from nutritional support for Cystic Fibrosis (CF) to chronic pain to hunger suppressants. Visit their website for a full list of products and uses.

Supporting a Good Cause

What are your loved ones passionate about? What do they support already, whether with their money or time?

The holiday season is the time of giving. We usually think of them as a time full of helping and caring for others, so why not take the opportunity to donate to charity or other organization that supports issues your loved one cares about? Such a gift is incredibly personal and thoughtful if done right, and we have some favorites you should consider.

Tacoma Refugee Choir, based in Tacoma, Washington, is a nonprofit choir that brings refugees, immigrants and the general population together to write, sing and perform. They believe that it’s hard not to love people when you sing together. Want to donate? Visit their website.

Outside of donating, you can simply shop at organizations and retailers that are doing good, combining support for a good cause with a unique physical present. Global Village Gifts is one of our favorite examples of this. They’re a not-for-profit shop that features fairly traded handcrafted products from artisans and farmers in Asia, African and South and Central America. Many of their offerings are produced by artisans in third-world countries, often women, who use the profits to support their families. Shop in-store in Logan, or online on their website.


It’s hard to go wrong with food. Give your loved ones classics, or introduce them to something new that you know they’ll love. No matter their preferences, there’s always something for everyone.

Looking to do something simple and sweet? We’re pretty partial to RubySnap cookies. Headquartered in Salt Lake City, this small business packs tons of flavor into decorative cookie boxes. RubySnap uses only natural and high-quality ingredients to create hand-made, unique cookies. They’re so good, you might need to buy a dozen for yourself, too. Order in-person or online now.

Want something more savory? Surprise your loved one with fresh food from Lucy’s Brazilian Kitchen, located in Provo. This authentic cuisine is a perfect way to communicate your love, and you’ll probably get a Coxinha or two, too! Visit their website for more information.

An organized small business!

We’ve done something big this year. Now, you can get Gerber Business solutions GIFT CARDS! Giving the gift of an organized small business (to yourself or anyone else) is much easier. Use your credit toward social media planning, mission statement crafting, graphic design, website creation and more. Grab your gift card on our website.

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