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You Need Virtual and Physical Gift Cards for Small Biz!

You’ve given out gift cards before, probably countless times. To big chain restaurants, hotels and movie theaters. But what if you could give the gift of the mom and pop store across the street? Or the local stationary shop, bagel cafe or small business consultant? :)

With us, small businesses owners can offer virtual gift cards, no matter the size or industry they’re in. And now, with the movement into the online business world, it’s more important than ever that small businesses owners are supported in this way. But, gift cards are generally hard for small business owners to get.

GBS is changing that. Gift cards are easy to put together with our collaboration with GiftUp, and if you are a good fit, we’ll do free advertising on our platforms and website for your company year round.

I have frequently tried to get gift cards from small businesses instead of buying presents/gifts from large box stores. One day, after going from store to store with “support small” paraphernalia from Amex for Small Business Saturday, I noticed most small business owners didn’t have gift cards. I even called one I really wanted to use, and they said that due to the cost of mailing and additional staff to support that, I’d need to come down to the store. The store was almost an hour away.

I started to look into gift cards. There were a slew of companies, and point-of-sale machines that offer them, but for additional costs. I daydreamed about launching a website where people could see small businesses all over the world, and search for ones close to them. I wanted there to be an easy way to buy and sell small business’ gift cards, to offer support from anywhere.

Why Should You Offer Gift Cards?

Access to Your Business

Even if your small business is closed, or running with lower hours or lower staff, virtual gift cards allow clients and customers to continue to support you. These gift cards offer money now when times are hard, and shopping experiences later (or now, online!) for customers.

Brand Awareness

From hosting company lunches to holidays, birthdays and office parties, you can easily take clients out, celebrate events, give your office a treat, and more, all with one consistent gift card. It’s easier than ever to say “it’s on us!”

Jumping into the Tech Future

It’s no secret that the business world, and the world at large, is moving online. Even if you’re primarily a brick-and-mortar business, online accessibility can span your reach further than you’d imagine! Clients and customers expect to be able to buy gift cards, and share your products/services with their loved ones, so why not let them?

Ready to get a virtual gift card system for your company?

Here’s How We Can Help

The first step I took was to find a good partner. GiftUp has great virtual gift card products and has been amazing to work with. We found that we can do a lot to support small businesses with their tech!

Now, we offer gift cards set up for next to nothing, so that small businesses can be supported doing what they love instead of taking on additional costs and software. We’ll help you set it up on your website, give tips on how to tie it into your marketing, and advertise your business for free on our channels year round!

Create your dream virtual or physical gift cards with a one time cost of $50. Learn more, and get started, here.

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